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Try Walking in My Shoes…

I was having a conversation with someone who was venting to me about someone who just didn’t understand her…didn’t understand her pain, her worries; was unconcerned with her concerns, her trials; she accused this person of being selfish…so self-absorbed.  As she was “venting” she said “I wish she would walk in my shoes so that maybe she’d know what I’m going through.”

Why would you want anyone to walk in your shoes, especially in those walking through trials and experiencing drama as described above?  Why would you want anyone to experience what you’re experiencing, if it’s less than amazing?  Why would you waste your time, wishing someone felt your pain?  Would they love you more?  Wanna be around you more?  Understand you more?  What then?

When I thought I could get in a word…after she had “expressed” herself and I heard her which is what I believe is all she really wanted, I asked her a question, “Do you want to know why it’s pointless for anyone to walk in your shoes?  Because they are your shoes…duh!  If anyone else but you walks in your shoes, they will walk in them from their perspective, bringing their experiences, memories, outlook, pain, pleasures, abilities, etc. making their walk in your shoes nothing but a walk in some worn shoes that don’t fit right, that have been to places they’ve never been and if per chance they happen to stroll where you have strolled, it just won’t be the same!”  No matter how hard anyone tries, they could never walk in anyone else’s shoes and have it be any more than that!

By the way, I wonder if she’d like to take a walk in my shoes!!! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Try Walking in My Shoes…

  1. LOL I love what you said here. Thanks for visiting my blog. You’ve got some awesome material here.
    Blessings to you.

    Sherline 😀

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