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Zipline to Freedom

I was recently invited to go away for a weekend of spiritual refreshing with some awesome women.  Of course, I had things that were pressing and up until the day of departure, I was see sawing with whether I had the time, or even if I had the time, whether I had the desire to go “there” emotionally.  In the end, I decided I would tag along and spectate, get some much needed rest and eat three good meals a day!!  Prior to my departure, I encountered a young woman who really needed refreshing and I figured I had to go now that I invited her….after all, surely God wouldn’t move on her behalf unless I was there, right????? 🙂

On day two, we had some quiet time before lunch and it was then that I had my first encounter with the Lord.  I grabbed my journal and this is what He spoke to me:

“Daughter, you must give from your abundance and not from your reserve. Put yourself at the head of the line.  Stop being everything to and for everybody and just be…be truthful to yourself, be forgiving, be free.  Let somebody love you – let that somebody be Me.  Admit your weaknesses, admit when you’re weak for it is in that space that I will strengthen you.  It is then, when you’re the most pliable that change – My change can begin.  Daughter, do you trust Me?”

During our free period that day, there were several activities to choose from and I chose to zipline, where I had my second and most profound encounter with God.

I stood with the other girls waiting for my turn to climb to the sky and hurl myself down attached to what looked like a clothesline.  As I approached the pole with all eyes on me I was cool, chest out, head up, never letting on that my insides were churning…had my “faith face” on!!

As I began the climb, a clear metaphor was unfolding as God began speaking to me on this tailor made adventure.  Each peg I stepped on in this journey was unsteady and as I looked up, the road appeared long and narrow – my goal so far away, but attainable.  As I reached the half way point, the wind picked up causing me to pause in order to let those conditions pass.  Just like life’s circumstances which interrupt our climb, I had to wait it out praying that it would pass quickly since I was close to the top and too far along to fail now.  I made it to the top and with one long shaky step I hoisted myself up onto the platform where I was met by someone MY size whose job it was to keep us BOTH from plummeting off of the tiny platform built for two.

She told me how great I climbed and I couldn’t even squeak out a thank you.  As I hung on to the pole, she told me to trust her.  She said “I’m attached to the line above me and you are attached to me….you’re fine.”  She then clipped my harness to the zipline and explained that I needed to sit down even though my bottom would not touch the platform, and then I was to toss my legs over the side of the platform. Right!  I said, “Are you sure?  Yes, you’ll be fine, trust me,” and so I did.  I sat back and felt for the platform that was there but unreachable. “Should I hold on?”  “You can hold on or let go…either way, you’ll be fine.  Let me know when you’re ready.”  “Should I hold on?”  “Whatever you like,” she said.  I paused, took a breath and said “okay, I’m ready,” and with that I heard a click and a release and with the instincts of a trusting child, I let go and had the most amazing ride….I was free.

That climb represented my journey…our  journey…a long, narrow, sometimes scary path; unsteady steps with a destination in mind; a pause when life’s circumstances threaten to knock us off of our destiny, moving forward with determination to reach our goal and reaching our destination only to determine that there’s more ahead and that we’ll have to trust that God has us even when it seems unsteady; when He seems unreachable.  He has us whether we choose to hold on or not and if we trust Him and let go, the result is freedom!

I encourage you to trust Him today, let go and experience freedom!!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV

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2 thoughts on “Zipline to Freedom

  1. Awesome story. I really like the part about trusting God, something I have really been learning more about and blogging about. I have had incredible change to my life after really working on building my faith. I really believe God wants to give us a whole lot more than most of us have the faith to recieve.

  2. I agree Brad…we have to release in order to receive…simple concept until we’re at bat. Thank you for stopping by:) Praying that you would grow more and more in Him. Bless you my brother…

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