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Just Wondering…

“Play nice…share your toys…say please and thank you…wash your hands…pull your dress down…cross your legs.”  These are some of the things that mothers, like me, have for centuries been teaching our daughters.  Lessons and commentary that have helped shaped them into the polite young ladies they’ve become.  For my son, some of the commentary or lessons have been…”Keep your hands to yourself…no is just that and the same goes for stop…be gentle son, girls are like flowers, boys are like rocks (my son was and still is rough).  Oh and son, you too must wash your hands after going to the bathroom!!”

I have for the last 14 years witnessed the stages that my children have gone through and have found myself transitioning with them, making a concerted effort to stay steps ahead of them as they experience each stage of their maturation.  I have done a pretty good job anticipating and thus being prepared for the barrage of questions or issues which have accompanied each stage.  At ages 12 and 13, I’m grateful to still have their ear; a bit of influence; and yielded hearts and my husband and I are taking full advantage of that.  We are fully aware that times have changed which have affected or infected our neighborhoods, schools, the methods of communication…the media!!!  Oh the media!!

This freedom of the press mess has caused much stress and has me on edge with every movie, tv show and even commercial being one for a responsible parent to have to vet.  Today, I saw a promo for an interview of someone who is peddling her book which details “what really happened” in her affair with a married man, which is what provoked this offering.  I am amazed and irritated with how acceptable this choice has become and how unaffected as a society we have become as we tune in to be voyeurs to the dirty details of a sordid affair…one which has destroyed the lives of these selfish individuals….which made a woman’s last days on this earth a living hell; which has left children (all of them) forever changed and scarred.  (By the way, that’s “what really happened!!!”)

So I wonder…I wonder what would really happen if women would rise up and begin to respect themselves first and then each other.  I wonder what would really happen if men would respect themselves, their wives and women in general.  I wonder what would really happen if mothers would begin to teach their daughters things such as “Don’t be second to anyone, you are too precious to be a leftover; don’t want what someone else has; respect your fellow sister, yourself, your God; save yourself for your Isaac, your Boaz.”  I wonder what would really happen if to our sons, we would say, “Don’t take what does not belong to you; don’t want what someone else has; respect and honor women; respect your fellow brother; respect yourself; find a wife and find favor with the God you respect!!

Just wondering…I wonder who will wonder with me…really!


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