Armoured Up

A Mother’s Prayer

Today I said a prayer for you to the One above
I prayed that you’d be happy, full of joy and lots of love
I prayed that you’d grow up to be
All that God says and sees
That you would love and honor Him forever, completely

I prayed that you’d be wise and strong, have courage, never fear
And that you’d hear the voice of God and know He’s always near
I prayed and asked the Lord to charge His angels around you
To guard you, guide you, lead you, keep you in all you say or do
And should you ever stumble, I prayed that you would know
The Lord will always love you – He’ll never let you go

I prayed that when it’s time into the world you’ll be set free
And you’ll remember all you’ve learned – a blessing you will be
I prayed adventures big and small in all you undertake
I prayed that you’d use wisdom in decisions that you make
I prayed you’ll always understand how valuable you are
You were created, long-awaited, forever loved and celebrated…

Today I said a prayer for you and every day you’ll be
Close to my heart, never apart as long as I am me

Love you as high as the sky, forever and a day….Mommy


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3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Prayer

  1. Probably not a bad idea for us to say that prayer for each other as well. 🙂

    Be encouraged!

  2. Amazing. They are so beautiful :). God bless and keep them for his greater glory.

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