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What if

What if the world were as friendly as the bloggers’ world I find myself in?  What would something like that look like?  A place where we’d honor one another with gifts and surprises that cost us nothing but time and reflection.  A place where we’d “like” each other for a change.  A place where we would be able to speak from our hearts our hurts and our stresses without fear of judgement, for those who would be of the judgement sort would just hear and not reply and leave us untouched…unphased.  What would our world look like if we would encourage each other, celebrate each other, pray for each other, spur one another to greatness?   What if there were no strangers, everyone was welcomed, supported.  What if the world were as friendly…<sigh>


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14 thoughts on “What if

  1. Indeed…I did a post lke this a while back, if the world was wordpress. It sure would be more pleasant. Great post!!!

  2. I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen – and I wonder if we would really want it that way? Not here and now.

    One day, though we WILL all be in agreement and there will be NOTHING that displeases. How great that will be!

    We are one day closer!

  3. Travel Culture Food on said:

    Great post ❤

  4. Very lovely and sincere post, the biggest part of you shows from your heart…sharing! Have a bless day!

  5. The world would be a wonderful place. How this made me smile until my cheeks started to cramp up. This is simply beautiful. Thank you dear sister in the Lord!

    God bless you!


  6. Great post. I know, this blog world is amazing, a much happier place than the real world.

  7. muffythedramaslayer on said:

    So true! And so thankful for blogging, because at least we get that here 🙂

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