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What If?…I just believed!

It’s been sweltering here in the valley. We have had a pretty decent summer, weather-wise until the last few days where the temperature has shot up to the 100’s. Late last week, I was in our yard in a chair under a tree just listening and enjoying some quiet time. I thanked God, among other things for our air conditioner which hasn’t failed us in this heat. Uh, later that night, the unthinkable occurred. Our unfailing air conditioner failed. The following day, our a/c guy showed up and the prognosis was grim. It would need to be replaced for a sizable amount or repaired for half that amount. He could also bandage the problem which MAY take us to the end of summer..he couldn’t guarantee that though. He made sure to repeat that part at least 3 or 4 times. I opted for my last choice, giving me time to do some research before we go the more expensive route. Daniel put the fix on and then we were cool again:) The fact that he couldn’t guarantee the bandaid stayed with me. What if this thing fails again before summer’s end? Uggghhh!!!

Yesterday I took the kids out for dinner since my honey is out of town and cooking in this heat was so not gonna happen. I checked for the ump-teenth time to make sure there was cool air coming from the vents, opened the door to make sure I could hear the unit on the side of the house and before I shut it down, I had a feeling it had broken down again, since I couldn’t hear it. That’s what paranoia looks like, folks. We left for dinner and that worry left with us. I got turned around on our way to dinner and when we finally arrived I was barely present…my mind going over all of the what ifs. I took the kids for ice cream afterwards and once again, the conversations are foggy; however, I can recite all of the what ifs going through my mind. I really did want to take them skating…it was family night, but instead I rushed back home to see about something I had no control over.

So, I was wrong and all of the scenarios playing through my mind were put to rest when I hit the cool button and all was well. I know better than to zero in on the possibility of the negative report…I’ve handled bad news before and have been able to stretch my faith to oppose the negative report. I’ve had many victories in faith. This weekend I wasted time worrying about something that could’ve happened, but didn’t and even if it had, I had no control over it. I allowed “what if” to control me and it stole time that could have been better spent with my kids, engaging with them, sharing, laughing, skating. All of that eclipsed by a “what if” that was not.

It’s those “what ifs” that really stop us from moving forward. Those “what ifs” that become stumbling blocks; set up to disturb our peace; distract us from our goals; remove us from the game. ** What if I don’t get the job; what if I do? What if the doctor is right? What if I lose my job? What if I can’t pay my bills? What if he leaves? What if I don’t get married**…on and on with the “what ifs.” They just don’t stop unless you stop ’em with a “What if I just believe God…that He loves me, has a great plan for me; has my future secured; meets all my needs. What if I believe I’m complete in Him; that He’ll never leave me; never fail me; always love me? What if I just believe?” So easy to say, not always easy to do.

Lord, I pray that our faith would be strengthened as we continue to learn to rely, adhere to, lean on and cling to Your word; I pray that we not be overtaken by the negative reports we face and learn to release Your word over our situation, trusting that You hear the cry of the righteous and move to the sound of our faith. I lift up every person reading these words and join my faith with theirs trusting in You who never fails, never changes, always loves; that You would show Yourself strong in their circumstances; be their healer, deliverer, strongtower, refuge, defender, provider in Jesus’ matchless name..Amen!


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6 thoughts on “What If?…I just believed!

  1. Believing, sissy! Love you.

  2. unfortunately, i’m more of a what if guy. my wife is great to try to kick me into gear, but if i ‘see’ there are too many what ifs (too many is a slide rule number most of the time) i just freeze and opt for whatever we have been doing, right, wrong or indifferent.
    it’s my worst quality these days. indecision, self doubt, and plain old fear. Lord help Brandy’s husband!

  3. Nici Roberson on said:

    I think this is great! its a good reminder for me today, I have been playing the waht if game, we are moving and searching desperately for a place with our house under its second contract, the what ifs have crept in my mind all day esp since we are on a tight tight budget, the enemy has really got into to my head today. thank you for giving me a sense of peace again through this blog, I am not going to give in to that game and just trust God has a plan… šŸ™‚

  4. Ummm….by any chance does “The Valley” mean the Rio Grande Valley?

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