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Be Humble or Be Humbled!

ImageThrough every season of our lives as parents, the one thing my husband and I have remained consistent with has been our love and loyalty to Jesus…a vow I made to the Lord when I got born again and began believing Him for a child – promising Him that we would raise our child in the Word, by the Word.  At times during this journey, we’ve been accused of being no earthly good due to our heavenly mindedness, and we’ve also been accused of being everything from boring to fanatics, as well as crazy and in need of a crutch.  We’ve never blinked or waivered in our beliefs or in our decision to raise our children in a crazy, crutch infested, fanatic filled glory cloud …hehehe

This morning my husband and I were encouraging one another for the choices we have made as a couple and as parents.  We talked about the sacrifices we’ve made and are making and during that exchange he complimented me on how recently he’s been tuning in to various conversations I have been having with our kids.  I listened as he gave God the glory for his wife and family as he recounted the difficulty a family we know is having with their children.  With all my heart I know he was not comparing our families or the way we have chosen to raise our children; however, my mind went to the story in Luke 18 where Jesus spoke of the two men (a Pharisee and a tax collector) whose prayers were heard in the temple…the Pharisee thanking God that he (the Pharisee) was not like “others”…the robbers, evildoers, adulterers and even the other man in the temple, the tax collector.  He placed himself over these people judging himself by all the good works he commits.  (Sound familiar?) The tax collector (a “sinner” in a category all by himself); on the other hand, prayed and asked God to have mercy on him, a sinner.

I quickly reminded my husband that every good decision we have made has never been our own, but one led by the Spirit of God.  He has been the One who has led the way in our household as we have yielded to Him.  He has been the One giving us parenting tips and tipping us off to situations that have needed our attention.  The times we have tripped or slipped have been times that we have disconnected from our power source.  “Don’t get it twisted,” I said…”apart from Him we can do nothing.”  And here is where I inserted a warning, lest we think ourselves untouchable.

We all have heard of those families who have provided a wonderful, Christian example in their households; who have cared for, provided for, entertained, schooled, trained and equipped their children in such a way that would seemingly point to a bright future, only to have their child lift their leg on all that is good and instead choose their own way.  That’s reality folks.

I am not so out of touch that I do not realize that each time my children leave this house they are bombarded with all of the tantalizing things that this world has to offer them.  I’m not dumb enough to think that they are not influenced by their peers or by media.  I’ve not been blind during the times that they have attempted to pull a fast one, quickly reminding them that I was born at night, but not LAST NIGHT!

Where am I going with this?  Let’s pray for one another, for our children, for our children’s friends.  Let’s remain vigilant, steadfast and wide awake.  Let’s be merciful with one another, for at some point we might need a little mercy! Let’s remember that if not for the grace of God, that one who is suffering could just be one of us.  Let’s not get so comfortable that we find ourselves praying like the Pharisee, thinking that just because we are good little Christians, trouble won’t find us!  Let’s remember to be humble by choice so that we are not humbled by force.

Lord, that Your grace not be lifted; that we remain attached to the Vine, in tune with Your voice, our steps ordered and directed by You.  We pray a hedge of protection around our children and declare that no weapon shall be formed against them that would prosper; that their appetite for that which the world offers decreases while their desire for that which pleases You increases.  We pray that they would be that light that would draw those in darkness to You, Lord.  I pray for Your peace, Your wisdom, discernment and insight into Your ways as we train up this next generation.


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18 thoughts on “Be Humble or Be Humbled!

  1. Rashayna on said:

    Amen! A powerful reminder! Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom! Missed these! Xo

  2. I have missed you! I haven’t seen any posts from in a while! God bless you! When you have time, you’ll have to check out my prophecy news website. You’ll love it!

    Thank you so much for this reminder! Your posts are always powerful and full of the Holy Spirit!

    • Thanks Lyn..ur always so encouraging. I think I’m back:). Bless you my sister…I will make my way to ur site and really do appreciate u visiting mine! xo

      • Thank you ♥ It’s hard NOT to visit yours because your posts are always so on the mark, and encouraging. Blessings, sister!

      • I just noticed you followed VOL..thanks so much! I need to warn might want to adjust your email notification options..I have a bunch of authors who post for me on there..and so much is happening lately, we make a ton of posts… so you might want to adjust to receive a few times a week, or whatever. Just wanted to warn you! We post good stuff..but a lot of it! LOL God bless u!

  3. Reblogged this on Lyn Leahz and commented:
    Awesome, powerful post!

  4. I have fallen into that trap of pride over parenting from time to time, and boy is it ugly! I too pray for humility, to remember that all good things come from God, to remember that apart from him we can do nothing. I see faith blooming in my young children (8 and 3), yet I know as you said in your post that the best we can do doesn’t guarantee what path they will choose later. I truly enjoyed this post and was encouraged by it. Blessings–Alison

  5. Sue Blake on said:

    AMEN…we all need to follow suite… If we are ashamed of our Father before man…..Yeshua / Jesus will be ashamed of us before the Father….
    People will see us as we present ourselves. Humble and forgiving, and loving.

  6. C Flores on said:

    Well said sissy..Love you and praying for all our kids,

  7. Ruth on said:

    wow, Let’s keep one another in prayer and thank you for this reminder. I love this quote “let’s remember to be humble by choice so we are not humble by force”. I miss your blogs praise God you are back to bless us!!! xoxo

  8. Great post! Glad you’re blogging again.

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