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He Hears…He Sees…He Moves

I’m doing a bible study on prayer and in it, the author writes about the blind man who called out to Jesus.  I paused for a rabbit trail to think about this man who had heard about Jesus, who heard He was passing through and waited. The noise of the crowd told him Jesus was near and so he cried out for Jesus, and then cried even louder when he was hushed. Jesus’ response before He responded stood out to me…four words caught my attention. “And Jesus stood still…” He hears.  Mark 10:49 KJV

In a similar situation, He encountered a woman with a condition which had been plaguing her for years….one which had zapped her energy, depleted her funds and dirtied her name, leaving her homebound and hopeless. She too had heard about Jesus and took a chance, knowing that any attention would likely get her in trouble; however, she knew she needed to reach out to Jesus…just a touch would make a difference. Jesus’ response before He responded stood out to me. “Jesus turned and saw her…” He sees. Matthew 9:22

How is it that in a throng of people pushing and pulling and jockeying for His attention, He was able to hear Bartimaeus? How is it possible with so many tugging at Him and pressing into Him, He was able to sense her touch? What caused Him to move on behalf of those who could do nothing for Him, who had nothing to offer? It was compassion…Compassion moved Jesus, but we cannot overlook the fact that it was faith which stopped Him and caused Him to turn around in the first place.

I’m encouraged knowing that in the midst of noise, be it in the world around me or in my circumstances, He hears the cry of His daughter and stands still to hear my heart. I’m encouraged knowing that He is not too busy to turn to the sound of my voice; to direct His attention to me; to show Himself strong on my behalf…and so I will wait….as He moves.

I’m encouraging you today to cry out, call out, step out, reach out, no matter what, in spite of whatever, and know that the God of compassion, God of mercy, God of comfort is waiting to hear your voice today, waiting for you to reach out, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. You are His son…You are His daughter!

He hears…He sees…He moves.

“I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.” Psalm 116:1-2 NLT


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6 thoughts on “He Hears…He Sees…He Moves

  1. Linda U on said:

    Beautiful! Arlene – I am so blessed the Lord has gifted you in writing! This is beautiful about our sweet Jesus and such a timely reminder of how intimate He is with us!

  2. Carmen on said:

    Thank you my Beloved Sissy..for letting the Lord use you to deliver such a timely message..I needed to hear this right at this very moment…Love You!

  3. I love this, Arlene. I need to own this truth, “the Lord hears and sees me,” when I cry out.
    Reminds me of Sarah’s maidservant Hagar? She was treated harshly and fled from Sarah’s presence. When the Lord spoke to Hagar in the wilderness and told her to return to Sarah because she was going to have a son named Ishmael, Hagar gave this name to the Lord….”You are a God who sees.” (Gen 16:13)
    Like you said, “God is the same today as yesterday.”

    • Karen…yes!!!! We studied Genesis last year and Hagar’s story (which I had read many times before) profoundly touched me and her words resonate today. This same God who knew her name (though she didn’t know Him) sees you, Karen and He bends down and hears you when you call. He loves His girls!!! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. I pray all is well with you. Last we connected you were making a move??? I know He is with you!! God bless you sister. xo

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