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The Language of Love

The Lord orders our steps daily…and if we allow Him to have His way, good always comes to us and through us.  This morning my husband and I rushed out of the door to start our busy day.  I was being dropped off at a friend’s house for us to carpool to our 9:00 meeting.  He was then going to drop off our car for servicing.  As we approached our first destination, I noticed an elderly woman struggling to maintain her balance, clinging to a pole for support.  Our car had barely come to a standstill when I jumped out Starsky and Hutch style 🙂 and reached out to her.  My husband joined me and for the next few minutes we tried to determine who she was and whether she was hurt.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far once it became very apparent that we didn’t understand one another.  We got her to sit down and we did what we knew to do.  We laid hands on her and prayed for her and she relaxed.

I looked up after we prayed and saw a police car and flagged the most compassionate, caring policemen who joined us in attempting to crack this mystery.  They radioed for a translator after she said “I Russia.”  She had no identification and got excited (in a not so good way) when the officers began questioning her.  I sat next to her and rubbed her back and by my tone was able to calm her.  She kept repeating what sounded like “Babylon” and at this point she was holding my hand and motioning for me to stay at her side.

In the meantime, my husband had to leave for his appointment and as he pulled off, he noticed a black bus with the name “Babylon” written on it.  He turned around to give us that heads up, we flagged the bus driver and our mystery was solved.  I found out from the driver that her name was Rose.  As I prepared to say goodbye, Rose grabbed my arm, pulled me close, hugged me and took me with her to the bus, where we said our goodbyes.

How much does God love Rose, that He would perfectly orchestrate it that my husband and I would catch her before she could fall; that after prayer we would open our eyes to see help in the form of policemen; for my husband to notice “Babylon” on a black bus?  Our communication was severely handicapped, leaving us to rely solely on instinct and mostly on the Holy Spirit.  Today, love had no verbal language, but its demonstration spoke volumes.

We all went our separate ways but for a few minutes five nations converged on that corner unconcerned with time, appointments, race, politics or anything that would otherwise distract us or compete for our attention…we all saw a need and each did what Jesus would have done.  We were His eyes, His hands, His feet.  God showed me through this incident with Rose that He will catch us before we fall, He’ll protect us and if we wait on Him we’ll reach our destination…That’s love!!


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