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Listen, Obey the First Time

Today (Saturday, 8/4) my house is quiet.  It’s just me and my Daisy (my four legged blessing).  My honey is working, Josh is at band camp and Mariah is out with her bestie.  My mind wandered back to another time when my husband was preparing to go out of town back when the kids were 3 and 4.  When they were toddlers I began teaching my babies to listen and obey the first time.  There were treats and surprises when they did so.  I’ve asked them how they were going to obey God Whom they don’t see if they don’t learn to obey the authority placed over them that they see.  I did not follow my own lesson and it almost cost me.

The kids and I were in the backyard in the pool when my husband came back there to say his goodbyes.  My favorite Christian CD was playing as we grabbed hands and prayed and I recall my husband charging the angels around me and the children in his absence.  He stood up kissed us all then said “honey, be careful with these kids in the pool.”  The kids were having a ball that day.  I was careful to have their floaties securely fastened on them and had tubes and noodles a plenty in the pool.  At one point Mariah asked to go to the bathroom and Josh came with us.  My husband’s words rang in my ears and no way was I going to leave him behind, even with floaties on.  We took care of business and jumped back in…It was a hot day!!  A few minutes past when I heard Josh say, “Look mommy, Mimi is going down and up.”  I said uh huh and kept cleaning the leaves out of the pool.  Again, Josh said “Mommy, I see Mimi go up and down, up and down.”  I swung around and saw my child under water.  I forgot to put her floaties back on.  Oh God…As I grabbed my baby and pulled her up to me, her lips were blue and she was limp.  The music was blaring and at that moment I couldn’t think of one scripture.  I screamed at the top of my lungs “JESUS HELP ME!!!!”  I laid my child down and breathed into her mouth the way I had been taught…nothing.  I picked her up and once again I’m screaming “JESUS!!!”  I ran into the house holding my child and I unlocked the front door and as I was running to the phone, I kept hearing Josh saying “mommy what’s wrong with Mimi” as I was screaming “JESUS!!!”  Just as I grabbed the phone, she coughed and water gushed out of her mouth and her eyes opened.  I hugged her as I thanked the Lord and with shaking legs I put her down and asked her what her name was and how old she was.  She said “my name’s Muhwiyah and I’m free ye-ows ole.”  With that, I grabbed her floaties put them on her and forced myself back into the pool with her.  I don’t know why I thought to do that then.  I guess I didn’t want that memory to stick with her or my son.  As for me….

I thank God I listened to my son.  Not listening and moving at his first warning almost cost me a child.

You would have thought I had learned my lesson, right?  Wrong!!

Two years later, it’s pizza Friday and my husband is on his way back with the goods and the kids.  He phones ahead to tell me they are around the corner.  I was upstairs on the computer gathering some healing scriptures for a friend.  While I’m searching the scriptures, the enemy is once again setting a trap.  My husband walks through the front door, puts the pizza on the kitchen table and calls me down.  I know I felt a check to get downstairs immediately and I even said, “I know Lord, I’m almost finished.”  I no sooner said those words when I heard a crash followed by a spine tingling scream.  I ran down the hall this time praying loudly as I took the steps two at a time.  I found my daughter on the floor in a pool of blood  with a knife not too far from her.  My husband scooped her up as I continued praying and we determined that she had tipped the chair backwards and bit down hard on her tongue creating a huge gash.  I grabbed a popsicle to stop the bleeding while I called her pediatrician.  Since she hadn’t severed her tongue, there was no emergency but he did want to see her in the morning.  He said to expect major swelling and a possible speech impediment.  The blood eventually stopped and I went to bed that night filled with anguish and guilt.  The following day, her doctor surveyed the damage.  There was no swelling but the cut was deep and time would tell whether her speech would be affected.  He sent us away with no assurance of “normalcy” for our girl, BUT GOD!!

God is merciful.  He’s faithful.  Years later my daughter bears no scar and speaks perfectly.  In fact, the day after her doctor’s appointment she went to school and I packed her favorite veggie…carrots and she had no problem eating them.  Mom’s scars have healed too and I have also learned my own lesson…to Listen and Obey the First Time!!!

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he MAY devour.” 1Peter 5:8  — I thank God for the Holy Spirit…the Spirit of Truth, my Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby, Whom the Father left us in place of Jesus, to act on His behalf. John 14:26 (AMP)


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