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The Mystery Within

I’m not much of a gardener, but some things just make sense to me.  Here’s my take on seeds.  A seed unplanted is useless.  It requires certain conditions in order to grow, thrive and survive.  First it must be planted in fertile ground.  It must then be given a steady diet of nutrients.  Once it has been continuously watered, the seed coat, which is the hard shell which protects the life within the seed, breaks open releasing the life within.  It grows down (creating strong roots) before it can be seen above ground so we mustn’t grow impatient and dig it up or ignore it, because although we are not yet witnesses to the growth process, much is going on in the unseen realm.  Once it breaks through the darkness to the light, in order to live it needs exposure to the sun and in order to maintain its health and well-being, we must continue the watering process.  It’s imperative that we guard against the temptation to uproot it, recognizing that the more it’s moved, the weaker it becomes.

The perfect analogy!!  The seed which is the incorruptible Word of God is in me. (1Peter 1:23).  The mystery is within the seed that is deposited in me. Once fertilized in good soil (a receptive heart) and watered continuously (reading the word, believing the word, applying the word), the seed coat softens (understanding) and the mystery within breaks forth.  We must guard against growing impatient with God and returning to our former lives recognizing that although change may not be seen immediately, there is much going on that we do not see.  As we are rooted and grounded in the word; as we continue to water the word within us and remain in His light, that mystery (Christ in us) will be revealed more and more and we will thus be operating in full power.  What a concept!  The Greater One is in me and He’s no longer a mystery!!  And He, without a doubt is the greatest gardener of all!!

“In simple humility, let our gardener, God, landscape you with the Word, making a salvation garden of your life.”  James 1:21 The Message Bible


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