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Hold Your Tongue

“Mariah, how many times did Mr. P. have you hold your tongue?”  “I don’t know, mom…there were too many times to count.”  We had a good laugh about that.  That image just causes me to giggle.  As a way of correction for talking out of turn, her 5th grade teacher would have the students hold their tongues.  You really wouldn’t wanna be sentenced to holding your tongue while you marched around the playground.   The public humiliation would be too much to bear…for everyone except Mariah.

Oh that we would learn to take a lesson from Mr. P. and hold our tongues.  Just as a bell cannot be unrung or a haunting image erased from your memory, words can’t be taken back once released.  I still recall some really stupid things I’ve said and the memories still cause me to grimace, like the time my husband introduced me to his friend, Percy and I said….(oh God, never mind…it was just too hideous for me to make forever public), but trust me, it was bad!  Just the mention of his name, threatens hives!  Words have power!  They can be regarded as weapons of mass destruction for the damage they inflict.  At the same time, they can be the encouragement a weary soul needs; the healing a bruised heart seeks.

I was recently prompted to talk to my kids about their words.  That teachable moment came as I was putting on my coffee the other day.  As I inserted the filter and measured the coffee, I was reminded of the importance of measuring our words; of filtering them through what I call our Holy Ghost filter.  I explained to them that they don’t have to say everything they think and when they do, they should imagine a filter fixed just under their forehead and above their mouth.  Anything that is not true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous or praiseworthy should stay right in that filter giving way to only all that is good.  They seemed to have understood the message.  Time will tell how well they put it into play.  I know it takes time and practice and much discipline, made easier as we make an effort to have our minds changed or transformed by the Word.   I’ll be as patient with them as God is with me.  Whenever I feel the need to “share,” I seriously hear God say, “Arlene, shut it.”  (That’s how He has to talk to me sometimes.)  Most times I listen.  Sometimes I don’t.  Thank God for mercy, forgiveness and Mr. P.  Now don’t forget to remember to hold your tongue!!

“Lord, may every word we speak be seasoned with mercy and laced with love and kindness; may be we reminded that death and life are in the power of the tongue and may we choose to speak words of encouragement, healing, life 24/7/365 plus one in Jesus’ name, be it!”

Think About It (The power of words)

My honey asked me to do him a favor and type out the lyrics to the songs for his new cd. As I was doing that, I got stuck on the fourth song…”Think About It.” The memories once again flooded me as I revisited what I know without a doubt the Lord had given me on that day.

Johnny wanted me to write a love song. He parked the car at the beach (for inspiration, I guess) and cued the track as he and the kids got out of the car to go play while I wrote. I was not in a “love song” kinda mood. I wrote this song from Johnny’s standpoint about me/us/our relationship at the time. It was on the rocks and I was on the verge of checking out emotionally (and had the Lord not intervened, a physical disconnection would have surely followed). Johnny was hanging on and trying to keep it together. I know the song is special, because I recall my state of mind as I put pen to paper, and how I could have written it, and why, was indeed a mystery that unfolded only after the last line had been written. After it was written, I read it, then realized how much that man loved me/us/our family and how vital our union was. He never had to say a word…

We must talk about it…what’s your take on love
We shouldn’t have to do without it baby
Tell me whatcha thinkin’ of
We shouldn’t have to fake it…no
Nothing more is true
Coz since we’ve been together
There ain’t nothing we can’t do
And all I ever do is think about you
No one else will do
I love you
All I think about is what you mean to me…oh yeah
We must think about it
The writing’s on the wall
What should have been forever
Is not lasting at all
And all I ever do is think about you
Everything we have shouldn’t drift away
All I think about is what you mean to me…oh yeah
I could never live without your love
I can’t exist without your love
Don’t wanna be without your love
I know that I can’t make it without you
My love for you is real
A love so strong I can’t reveal
The depth of feelings that I feel
I want you now…I need you now
The only thing that matters is..
That we give our all, you see
We are only human, and
It’s okay to fall, but what we gonna do about it baby
We are all we have
Let’s keep our love together
A chance to make it last
A chance to make it last, babe

I thank God for the gift of song, words, family, love and Him.

(“Think About It” from the ‘Feels So Good’ CD due out this summer
Artist:  My honey:) Johnny Britt)

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