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A Wrong Turn Down Memory Lane

Taking a walk down memory lane is the best and the worst thing we can do. My husband and I were doing just that yesterday, the conversation starting off pretty funny and pleasant and with one wrong turn, I stumbled down a lane riddled with thorns, speed bumps, pot holes and quick sand. I completely ignored the Holy Spirit who was holding up a sign that said “Road Closed.” Ugggh!!! It was amazing how with one question, I found myself taken back down a road I should have never been on; one which I just knew I would never visit again. I would tip toe past it from time to time; I’d even do a “fly over,” being very careful not to set foot down that path again, but here I was reliving it all over again, allowing the thorns to once again pierce me; being slowed down by the speed bumps as I tried in vain to quickly get off that lane, tripping on the many pot holes which littered a once beautiful lane….stopping short of the quicksand which I knew if I would tread on it would take me down…no way I’d let it take me down again!

So I side stepped the quicksand and found myself at the end of that once lovely lane feeling like Lot’s wife who was to be spared but just couldn’t resist looking back one last time.  Looking back is just not natural when what you are looking at is just not pleasant. What’s wrong is that a glance over your shoulder to a time of adversity should only serve to strengthen your resolve not to pay adversity another visit…not if you can help it, anyway!  Sometimes we allow adversities to paralyze our forward motion.  The problem is that a glance becomes a stare, becomes a lingering gaze and before you know it you’re hot once again. I was bummed that I had stirred up emotions that were supposed to be “dead” and as I turned back to continue doing what I had been doing before my husband and I began “reminiscing,” I thought to myself, what would make it better?  What could be done to finally bring closure?  Would opening my heart to a “public viewing” help?  Would a confrontation be the ticket?  In the end the only one hurt is the one needing pay back so the answer is no….a big fat resounding NO!

Vindication ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…so you get heard and understood and then what? Though the speed bumps are flattened, the thorns trimmed and the pot holes filled, it’s still up you to make the choice not to allow yourself to be swallowed up by that quicksand..the quicksand of anger, hurt, bitterness…sucks you in to take you out!

In the end, I took a dose of my own medicine and began to think about all the good that resulted from that time; how God uses every part of our lives…every season we encounter to grow us and show us things about others, but mostly about ourselves.  What I learned about me is that I am one tough cookie! I do have self control…shocking for someone who at one time in her life would go from zero to 60 in a blink. I learned what I’ve always known to be the case…Because I love hard, when hurt comes I take it hard; I learned that I love truth, so when lies and accusations are hurled I react; I learned that love is a verb…ALWAYS and at all times; I learned that “I’m sorry” is way overused and trust is earned; I learned that I am quite discerning, so I’m rarely surprised, but sometimes shocked!! I learned never to allow myself to be placed on a pedestal again and if I slip up, I’ll make sure it’s close to the ground:)

I hit the light and in the dark, I decided that renewing my mind with the word of God was still the best approach so as I envisioned myself walking around the patch of quicksand at the end of that once lovely lane, the scripture which came to mind was “It is Finished” – for now anyway!


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11 thoughts on “A Wrong Turn Down Memory Lane

  1. A fabulous post! Uncannily coincidental (If you believe in coincidences rather than divine intervention). 😉 As I am to go to a work reunion tomorrow night, at the place where my husband and I met and worked together for almost 10 years! It has been 7 years since we left so talk about a lot of reminiscing! Truth be told I was dreading it and excited at the same time. We have made many life long friends there and it will be great to spend a night with them all in one place, yet dragging up memories of the earlier years of our marriage may not be as fun. It was a tough time, we both needed to learn a lot and we both got hurt in the process (As we do). Thank you so much for this post and for reminding me to keep my focus on how those times brought us closer than ever and what they taught us about ourselves. You have no idea how much I needed this today! Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I’m more of a divine intervention kinda girl. I believe God loves His daughters and directs us to those things we need when we need them. I’m glad He pointed you this way! Have a wonderful time with your honey and friends. Blessings…

    • I also am a divine intervention kinda girl… 🙂 I’m glad he pointed me this way also. Thank you for the encouragement..and for following my blog. I hope in future we will share with each other and continue to inspire, as He directs us. 😉

  3. I read the water bearers comment– Don’t you just love when you bless someone! Being used again I see : ) !!!

  4. Good post! It’s difficult to go down memory lane without revisiting our mistakes and regrets.

  5. How great was this? Perfect for me!!! I love your metaphors and pics but then you know me… Miss Metaphor! You gotta know this is one of your best!!! I want more! You are not just a great writer… you ARE a teacher!

  6. Diane…as always, I appreciate you swinging by and leaving some encouragement. Blessings to you…big time:)

    • Very timely. I feel my looking back (in certain situations) also reflects my lack of faith. Sometimes we allow the heart & mind to override what we know is not in His will. If I trusted Him…that He’d bless me even greater. there’d be no need to look back.

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