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New York City Tops Nation In Income InequalityNever have I felt more invisible than after I delivered my second child and spent an afternoon at the mall with my gorgeous girlfriend.  (Talk about self sabotage.) Here I am around 4 weeks post delivery with a nursing tent hanging around my neck to conceal the wet marks on my chest looking like bulls eyes, chasing my busy 22 month old, while keeping my newborn shushed….a red hot smoking mess I was.  Here’s the invisible part, because I’m sure everyone and their relatives witnessed my “hotness” as I was chasing my boy, trying not to make the evening news!!!

We walked into a store and my friend watched my kiddies as I shopped.  I was struck and rather hurt at the non responsiveness of the store clerk.  It’s always been super easy for me to strike up a conversation with anyone and if we talk long enough, there are sure to be some chuckles…not this time.  This chick looked right through me and was about business…until my gorge girlfriend appeared with her purchases.  She was completely engaged and helpful.  I noticed and I realized for the first time that my outside was the obstacle to her acquainting herself with my inside.  I thought of that incident this morning as I was exiting the grocery store in a rush since I had gone for milk and ended up shopping for the week.

I saw him before I heard him.  He looked tired and dry.  He had his hand out and no one noticed him.  He was invisible.  As I passed by he asked if I had some change and I told him I might.  He took a seat in the shade and didn’t even look to see whether I was returning.  He, no doubt familiar with rejection, had no expectation that I would return.  I did and I asked him what he would do with the money I had in my hand.  He never looked at my hand, but he did look into my eyes and told me his intentions.  I asked him if I could pray for him and he said yes and bowed his head.  I laid my hands on him and sensed him relax after a few seconds.  As I prayed and spoke the word over him, he rocked back and forth as if I was singing him a lullaby.  That touched me so!  He looked up when I said amen with such appreciation and as I pressed the money into his hands he said “thank you, please continue to pray for me.”  “I will,” I said.

I was once corrected by someone I looked up to as a person who was well versed in the word.  He told me I should never sow my seed in ground where there would be no return…and that included giving to those outside of the faith.  That always checked me and so the one time a down and out friend asked for money, I sat next to her and ministered the word to her before I blessed her financially.  Then I realized, Jesus never expected folks to clean up first  in order to receive forgiveness, healing, etc. so why should I?  They will know we are His disciples, not by our prayers, our gifts, our good works, but by our love.  Love does…it moves…it acts!  I have no idea what Mykel will do with the money I gave him and that is not for me to judge.  I simply asked him so that he could hear himself respond and I pray that, for his own good, he was telling the truth.

Today, it came back to me why I was allowed to experience that sadness on that day.  I was made to experience in a snapshot what many feel for a lifetime.  Would you stop…would you at least stop long enough to extend a hand, say a prayer, acknowledge someone’s existence?  I’m praying today for the invisible; that they experience a healing touch and that they come to the knowledge that He sees…He hears…He moves…and most times it’s through people!


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18 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. Rashayna on said:

    Yes and amen! Beautiful story and a great reminder to be aware of those around us at all times and how God may want to move through us to bless someone else!

  2. Beautiful story, and very encouraging. In life, I like to put everything in God’s hands and let Him guide my path and whenever I feel moved to give, whether it be financially or just giving a helping hand, I always do it. It doesn’t matter where I am; who I am with or what I am doing, I stop and I do it and I look them straight in the eye and speak kind words over them when I do. I would rather that people help hundreds out of the goodness of their hearts than to not help any and be forced to watch as they suffer. I know that there are some that take advantage of situations and are not being honest when asking for money but I let God weed them out for me and just follow His lead.Beautiful story and very encouraging to others. In life, I like to put everything in God’s hands so He will guide my path and whenever I feel moved to give, whether is be financially or just giving a helping hand, I always do it. It doesn’t matter where I am, who I am with or what I am doing, I do it and I look them straight in the eye and speak kind words over them when I do. I would rather a person help hundreds out of the goodness of their hearts than to not help any and watch as they suffer because it is truly the one on the receiving end that

  3. francesgabriel75 on said:

    This is exactly on the same theme as some of my recent posts – can I reblog this one to follow up on those? Bless you – fantastic post.

  4. Carmen on said:

    Oh sissy..this made me cry..this so speaks to my heart for as you know, I see people like this every day in my job..just want someone to ” hear” and “see” them..and more times than Blessed by their gratefulness. All anyone is looking for is validation. Loved this and I love you sissy for NOT forgetting the ” forgotten”

  5. All sorts of things make us invisible. Being fat does the same thing. Which is why some people are not all that motivated to lose the weight. I have always been much more interested in the deeper self that’s under the facade, and find most people don’t like you to even peek at that part of them. So for me, it is sort of a nonconformist rebellion. I find more authenticity among the “invisible” folk and prefer to spend my time among them. Because, yes, Christians are not supposed to be about the externals and yet most of them are as much or more so. Whitewashed tombs! Great post!

    • Yes! Thank you for your comment. I was exactly that…fat and frumpy, leaky and weepy!! A huge departure from the girl who once turned heads and received catcalls! I have always been sensitive to others but having experienced what I did made me even more so! I thank God for that time of growth…as DIFFICULT as it was. Thank u for stopping by and for the reblog:) I pray it’s a blessing to whomever reads it. xx

  6. Reblogged this on servehiminthewaiting and commented:
    If ever there were a re-blog-worthy post…..

  7. Hello Arlene, I’m a friend of Marie (mariehermannwrites). She spoke so highly of you I had to come check out your blog. It is spectacular. You touch my heart. You are so right in everything you said. I love your story, thank you for sharing. I’m glad I’ll be tuned in and can’t wait to read through more of your work.

  8. Beautiful! often it doesn’t cost much to stop and take those few minutes but in our rush to get from one place to another, we ignore so much. If we only stopped, we could give so much! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. I have found that I am often directed to lonlely-looking women sitting on a bench in a shopping centre. They often want nothing more than a listening ear, but are also receptive to hearing of One who can help and willing to accept a Gideon New Testament with helps in the front and the way of salvation in the back. I do not know what happened to most of those women, but that is not my responsibility. We are only required to act on the prompting of Holy Spirit to sow the Seed in faith – and pray the next person (the next blast in the quarry) will also obey.

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